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Every year, you have a magical day. On this magical day you gain another year of life. It’s your special day, which somehow means you get to do whatever you want,within reason of course. On this day you can cry, laugh, dance, or do nothing, all because it’s your birthday. On top of all of this, with every year, you usually gain a new responsibility as well.

The responsibility can range from being able to see a PG-13 movie, to being able to apply for your permit at age 15. Another exciting moment is being able to get your license at 16. When you turn 16 you are able to get selected piercings with parental permission. Years where you don’t get added responsibilities are usually called filler years. 17 years old is a filler year, and an in-between-er year. The excitement starts when you turn 18.

When you turn 18 in most cases, you can do a lot. However, in California the laws have made turning 18 a little less exciting. Still, turning 18 years old is a big milestone. You’re considered an adult now, and can no longer be tried as a juvenile. That added responsibility could make you shape up, and not get into additional trouble.

When you turn 18 years old you have a few more things that you are able to do. You are now legally able to go to some clubs.You can’t go to every club just yet, because you’re not 21, but you at least can go to several clubs. Finding clubs that allow 18 year olds to hang out might be tricky at first, but it’s a skill that can be learned. Not only will you be able to go to some clubs, you’ll also be able to get any tattoo or piercing you may want. You will longer have to worry about acquiring a parent’s permission.

In California, and select other states, you are no longer able to buy tobacco products at the age of 18. This is a new law that went into effect this past year. You canno longer buy a cigarette pack when you turn 18. The hope of this law is to prevent youths from becoming addicted to the nicotine within the products. This also includes hookah products and lounges.

The cool thing about your magical day is that you survived another year in this crazy life. The final cool thing about turning 18 years old, is that you will be able to register to vote. Don’t put off registering to vote until the last minute, because it does take a while to get your voting card. You want to be able to have a voice, because after all today is your day. Let your magical day of the year be the best that it can be. Go out and have fun being 18, but don’t get too crazy.